Friday, 20 March 2015

‘Ctrl+Z’ (Undo)

In life, at many instances we wish (at least I have wished) that we should have had a Ctrl+Z option just like the computer, pressing which all our previous actions or decisions which lead to our present worries and sorrows would vanish. All the tech savvy people would know what Ctrl+Z does, but for the benefit of others, let me elaborate. The ‘Ctrl+Z’ option is used to ‘UNDO’ the previous actions performed on a file/document.

Imagine this life of ours as a document, in which we keep entering data or information daily. Each page is a new day and everything we do gets recorded in there. Most of the times, we do or say things which shouldn’t have been said or done. But at the heat of the moment, we don’t tend to realize what we say or do. It’s only when our guilt strikes us, we realize that we have actually committed a blunder. But it’s too late. The harm has already been done.

One of the times I so wish to have an undo option in life, is when I‘ve said harsh things to my dear ones, whom I would never want to hurt, otherwise. But due to the high adrenaline rush, words just force themselves out. And lo! The opposite person is attacked with harshness and rudeness of words which strikes like lightning and shatters them.

When things cool down, the realization dawns that the shower of harsh words was not needed at all and the fight could have been much amicable. In the same way, there would be some incidents in our life, some decisions which landed us into trouble and are the cause of our worries, which we would want to ‘UNDO’.

So, next time we do something; let us just remember that there is no retake in life. A harsh word said is said, a wrong decision taken is taken. We can’t change the past, but we can strive and change the present and the future. Let’s just remind ourselves that there is no ‘UNDO’ option in our life. And the rest is taken care. Our document will be filled with lovely memories and decisions which are well thought upon!


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