Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Double Standards

‘Double Standards’ is often associated with people who change rules according to their convenience and behave totally opposite in certain situations according to their own convenience. What is ‘Not Ok’ to them if others do it, is ‘OK if they themselves do it, for whatsoever reasons. The justification of why they did it the way they did, follows later. The justification part is just an activity to soothe their ego and to get rid of the guilt factor.

Why can’t people just mind their own business and not interfere in other’s personal lives? Before commenting on others, why can’t we just take a moment and take a glimpse of our inner selves. This will avoid much of the tensions and bitterness in relationships. When we see someone, not taking the usual way, the first thing we do is, do a postmortem of things and end up giving conclusions about the person’s character or background.

Is that necessary? Why can’t we just let go? Or rather why can’t we just put ourselves in that person’s shoes and think what the person might have gone through. Instead of being empathetic, we become mean and pass judgments. Incidentally, if the same situation occurs to us, we too behave in the same way as the other person, but we justify our doings with various reasons.  Why these 'double standards'?

Everyone has a reason for why they did what they did. Each one has a right on their life and can choose their own paths. If we can't support, then let's not atleast be a de-motivating factor in someone's life. We must ensure that our actions do not make life difficult for other people around us. Also, we should stop judging other people.Doing all this, will lead to a healthy and peaceful atmosphere and life becomes much easier for all of us!!

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