Thursday, 9 April 2015

Expression of Love to my eldest son (on his birthday)

Dearest Nephew,
You've turned twelve years old. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I remember when your mom and dad told us that they were expecting you… how overjoyed everyone was when they heard the news. You are the first grandchild of our house. Do you realize how special that is? And how special you are? You are so loved by all of us, my little one. Yes, I refer to you as little one as no matter how tall you grow you will still be my little one.

You once asked me if I would write you the meaning of a NEPHEW; I can't, not with you in mind, as I have always considered you ‘MY’ son. I may not be your biological mom, but you’re the one who introduced me to the world of motherhood with your arrival into this world. You have always held a special place in my heart and mind, and will continue to do so regardless of the number of birthdays you celebrate.

Though I have a son of my own, remember that you will always be my eldest son and you are as close as HE is to me. The love which I got from you in return is priceless and you still continue to love me the most. I love it when you prefer me over everybody else in the family. Its divine and I feel complete. Playing the role of a moderator during your fights with your parents is very easy. All I have to do is take your side.

You have been special since the moment I knew you would be you. I remember my first glimpse of you: tears were not to be denied as I finally met the beautiful person I had begun to know, the perfectly formed body with the tiny but strong hands with fingers that curled not only around my fingers, but also around my heart. Those hands are much larger and stronger, but they have never loosened their grip on my heart.

No, I cannot write to you the meaning of a nephew; you have been and will continue to be my son. I have watched as you continued to grow in your new world. I watched in wonder as you became aware of surroundings, as you began to focus on what and who was in your world, watched as you were challenged by sights, sounds, and obstacles.

I was thrilled to see you begin to crawl, was more than anxious when you began to walk and had more than a few false starts, and was speechless as you began to communicate in your language as you tried to learn ours. The date of your birth: one of the most precious days of my life, a source of joy that continues to this day to add meaning to my life. I am filled with satisfaction as I see you maturing into a fine young man with the world at your doorstep.

The world you entered just a short twelve years ago will continue to be filled with challenges, opportunities, some good and some bad, but only you will learn which door to close and which to enter. Just as I know the sun shines brightly today, I know the clouds will come tomorrow, clouds of disappointment, frustration, and anger. You must remember these are only clouds and will not linger long before the sunshine of new growth and new boundaries will once again widen the world you entered at your birth.

Dream big and never say you cannot do something. Always believe in yourself and understand that you will fail. It does not matter that you fail, it only matters that you get up. Life is not about anything other than living it. Keep your eyes, heart and mind open to it.

You are a precious gift in my life and I love laughing and giggling with you. I love it when you share you secrets only with ‘ME’. I love when you tell me all kinds of wrestling statistics. I love when you make those goofy faces. I love you not based on your accomplishments. I love you for who you ARE. So just be ‘YOU’. Be brave. Be bold. Love deeply and dream big. You are worth it. And I am for you.

Always by your side and loving you,
Your Loving Aunt


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