Thursday, 11 June 2015

Grandma’s (Nanimaa Ke Nuskhe) Natural Secrets for Glowing Skin

#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

In this present age of cosmetology and all the other harmful chemical products for your skin, there are only quite a few products that actually do not cause any harm to your skin. Nevertheless, I have always wondered about how people of the earlier generation used to maintain their skin.  They did not have any of the hi-fi products we use. All they had were some natural products at home, which would come to their rescue when they would face any skin problems. Yet, their skin was so smooth and radiant. HOW?? This was the question I always used to ask my paternal grandma as she had a clear and healthy skin.

Though she was in her early 80’s, her skin did not have much wrinkles and it had a healthy glow. She would blush if anybody complimented her on her beauty. Her cheeks would turn pink. When asked, how she managed to maintain such a beautiful skin without going to the beauty parlour and having the regular facials done, she would just say I used to do natural facials at home.

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Coming back to the natural skin care tips, which were passed on to me by my Grandmom. The reason being, as a teen, I had massive breakouts and my constant picking and poking of the boils on my skin, made them worse and they would leave scars on my skin. This distressed me to no end.  That’s when my grandma started sharing her beauty tips with me, so that I could pass it on to our next generations and the pearls of wisdom for beautiful skin would continue to remain in our family.

Here are 10 best natural tips which she passed on to me and I continue using them till date.

1.       Besan - Wash your face regularly with water and Besan (Chickpea powder) so that the dirt and oil is kept at bay. This will lessen the pimple breakouts.

2.       Sandalwood – Mix 1 tsp of sandalwood powder with 2 or 3 drops of rose water and apply this pack daily on the pimple prone area to reduce pimple/acne and to get a glowing and even tone. This pack helps in lightening dark spots.

3.       Honey and Turmeric – These are the best natural products which we can find almost in every home. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic and prevents the spread of bacteria and honey cleanses the skin and provides a natural glow.

4.       Tomato Juice - Cut a tomato into half.  Apply the juicy area of the tomato on the pimples. Hold it for two to three minutes and repeat the same after five minutes. Do this twice a day for three to four days to effectively remove pimples.

5.       Egg white face mask - Just take the egg white from an egg and apply it generously to the affected areas of your face and skin. This is a natural skin tightening agent and will prevent wrinkles.

6.       Lemon Juice – Cut lemon into half and dip it into honey. This will serve as a natural exfoliating agent and will prevent blackheads on the skin.

7.       Raw Milk: Raw or un-boiled milk is the best way to get soft and supple skin. Apply it all over your face and leave it for 10 mins. This serves an anti-tan and helps to remove the skin tan easily.

8.       Curd – Add a few drops of lemon to curd and apply it all over your face for a fair and glowing skin.

9.       Get Adequate Rest and Sleep – This is the most important health tip as adequate rest and sleep are important aspects for fresh and supple skin.

10.   Drink lots of water – Finally, this is the best and the easiest beauty tip, as drinking lots of water will help keep your skin hydrated and this will avoid most of the skin problems.

The above tips have been tried and tested and have brought wonderful results to my skin.  Apply them regularly to see the results. The best part of using natural products is that they do not have any side-effects and constant use will only improve the skin and not cause any damage to the skin.
So go ahead and try these tips for a younger and beautiful looking skin.

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