Friday, 29 January 2016

A Peppy Day of my Life!

Why Peppy? Read on to find out….

There was a Carnival held in our college to raise funds for the neighbouring Old Age home. A group of friends including me, decided to participate in the Carnival and put up a stall, so that the proceeds can be donated for the cause.

The question was what stall can we put up? Numerous suggestions were received by all, and many were rejected with stares, shocked and surprised expressions. Finally, we zeroed in on the ‘FOOD’ stall. Wow! Yummy! Peppy food was the first response we were getting from all.
We made arrangements to put up a stall and divided the responsibilities among us. Finally the D-day arrived. The stall was put up effortlessly and we were selling our food items (procured from the caterer) to the students who visited the carnival.

Everything was going on well. Our cash box was brimming with currency notes and coins. We had more customers coming to our stall and the food vessel was getting empty. There was this one particular guy who ordered food and kept coming back to order more things. In the rush and excitement, I did not concentrate much on his face, but got used to his voice, and whenever he came to order, knew that it was HIM.

In the meanwhile, one of my friend suggested that we procure more food from the nearby restaurant as there was much time left for the carnival to get over and we could earn more this way. After much talking, the onus of getting food came upon me. I agreed. I quickly went to the parking area where my bike was parked. But, my Peppy Pep (Scooty) decided to ditch me and hence had a flat tyre. Oh God!! I was disappointed. I kicked the tyre in a filmi style (influence of hindi  movies) and was moving towards the gate, when I heard a voice say ‘Excuse me’. The voice sounded familiar to me. I turned and recognized that it is the same guy who had been visiting our stall. I gave a puzzled look. He walked towards me and asked if I needed any help. I narrated my ordeal to him.  He flashed a big smile. Ah…that smile! That peppy smile, that killer smile…………I still can’t get over it even today.
I looked into his eyes and was mesmerised for a second. Finally I came back to my senses when he asked if he could take me to my destination. I was reluctant. But something in me told me to accept the ride. I said ‘YES’. 

We went to the nearby restaurant. We did not talk much on the way to the restaurant as it was the first time we had met. We came back on time and the entire food was sold. We were happy that we could collect a huge amount for the charitable cause. Our whole gang did a silly dance and gave a hi-five to each other and were about to close the stall, when I noticed the same guy standing at a distance and looking at me with the same smile on his face. I froze. That smile combined with those eyes sent me into a trance again. I saw him walking towards me. My friends were busy packing stuff and did not notice him. I went towards him and he passed on a chit with his mobile number to me, and said that if I felt that its right, then I can contact him. I was doing cartwheels in my mind. Something in me told me that he is ‘the prince charming’. I silenced all the voices in my head and took the number and ran back to my friends. 

Finally in the evening, I mustered up all the courage i had and messaged him. He messaged back. We became good friends. And one fine day, as destiny would have it, he proposed me. And I said ‘YES’. We got married after 3 years of courtship. And are living happily ever after………………!!

Thus, the peppy food in the food stall left a peppy taste not only on our tongue, but also a peppy memory in our mind that will last until we depart!!

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