Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Father, My Hero!!

‘Every woman may not be a queen to her husband, but she is always a princess to her father’ – Anonymous.

Indeed, the above quote is so true. Every father treats his daughter like a princess. No matter how hard his life has been, he vows to make his daughters life easy. He always makes sure that his daughter gets the best of everything.

My father is my hero (holds true for every girl who has a doting father). He has influenced my life, in every sense. He has protected me like how a pearl is inside its shell. My father is my shell. He is my go-to-person for every problem I faced. He provided me solution within minutes. He brings a smile on my face in no time. Whenever I look at him, I feel a sense of pride surging within me. I thank the Almighty for giving me such a wonderful gift.

His hardworking and patient nature, his disciplined mannerism, his way of looking at things, caring about and helping people in need, every single thing he does is so meticulously thought upon and planned. I am in awe of how he does what he does. I will be more than happy if I can get somewhere close to what he is and fulfill my duties like he does.

He belonged to a remote village, where opportunities of studying were very less. Added to it, the burden of a big family was on his tender shoulders, owing to the fact that he was the elder of the siblings and his father had expired when my father was at a tender age.  These situations still did not deter his determination to reach his goals. He made sure that he went to the local government school in the mornings and worked hard in the evenings to fend for his family and to fund his education. Rest of my uncles decided to drop out of school owing to the poverty and circumstances. But my dad never gave up. He chose to work hard. His hard work and dedication brought him to the city of Bangalore where he continued pursuing his higher education through evening colleges, and worked in the day to meet the necessities. Indeed, he fulfilled his dreams through his will.

He has no regrets in life. He is so full of optimism. He never cribs for what he did not get or for what sacrifices he had to make in life. He made sure that all of his children went to the best schools and colleges, even though it meant that he had to work overtime and sacrifice his pleasures, which he could easily choose over our education. He never differentiated between a son and a daughter. In fact, he adores daughters more.

As the rule of nature, youth waves a goodbye and old age sets in. And so has it set in my father. Age has started to show its effects. I can’t believe that a man with so much strength and zeal is now weak and fragile. His jet black hairs have turned grey. A shoulder which was rock solid, is now stooping down.  Tears fill up my eyes, when I see his present state. Yet, with all this, he is still energetic and ever listening to all of us. He still pampers us the same way.  His love increases manifold with every passing hour. He is a role model for his grandkids too.  He is a pillar of support to them as well, like how he was for us years ago.

His sweet advices to take care of health, eat properly, drive safely, are still a routine even to this day and are music to my ears. I have no words to thank him and the Almighty for making this wonderful human being my ‘FATHER’.

With tear-filled eyes when I see his stature every day, a silent prayer always escapes through my lips ‘O God! Please restore his health, and fill his life with happiness, for he is the reason I am what I am’.

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